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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yet Another Clock-Turned-Mirror

I have been so disappointed by many of my latest thrifting trips. Stuff is so expensive, or just ugly/unsalvageable. I guess I'm not on a winning streak, so thank goodness I found this recently!

For St. Louis readers, the Value Village that had been located off Watson Road moved into the adjacent shopping complex next to the antique mall, and that is where I found this clock:

Look at that fantastic detail, and I LOVE that there is a lot of interesting negative space created by the swirls and filigree:

As soon as I laid eyes on it, I knew I would be tearing out the clock and turning the piece into another mirror.

For $3.93, couldn't pass it up!

Using pliers, I yanked out all the clock stuff. Then I bought a five-inch round mirror from Michael's for just $1.99.

I kept going back and forth on what color to paint this, and at one point I had considered mixing up a custom color and brushing it on, but there is just no way I was going to get my brush in all those nooks without it taking foooorreeevveerrr. So, I went with basic white. I know, it's boring, but just wait until you see the finished piece!

Ta da!! Using my hot glue gun, I adhered the mirror inside the space where the clock face had been.

I just love it.
I took this shot so you could get an idea of size/scale. The mirror itself is small, only 5 inches in diameter, but the swirling all around it is just the right size. Any bigger, and I think it would be overwhelming.

It definitely belongs on a brightly-colored wall, as the color showing through all the negative space is AWESOME and looks amazing against the white.

And a final reminder of ho
w it looked in its "before" state:


  1. White was definitely the right color! It looks awesome against that wall. I feel like the white shows off the curlies even better than the weird gold.

  2. That's awesome! It looks great in white with your wall color.

  3. Your mirror is fantastic! I know what you mean about prices going up at Thrift stores in the St. Louis area even the flea markets have jumped in prices. I am adjusting my attitude over it...ummm most of the time..maybe?

  4. Turned out FABULOUS! Love how it just pops against the blue :)

  5. I liked the original gold...but I have been having an affinity toward gold lately because I think it looks so chic...but the white looks just as awesome. What did Kevin think about it?

  6. Also, you need to post pics of the wedding invitations (with the specifics blurred out, of course! we don't want random people showing up!)

  7. Girrrrrl, that looks amazing! I'll be hunting for clocks now:)
    Oh and on the pricing at thrift stores; I think theyre catching on to all of us bloggers who go there for great finds. Im not kidding. Ive been searching for some old world globes for months now. I finally found one at a mission store and think I said out loud"Oh that is coming home with me." until I saw the $25 price tag! Theyre starting to price things like antique shops! Booooooo....

  8. Love it! Yay for swirly things! Yeah, my latest thrifting trips have been losers...I guess people just haven't been in a donating mood since New Years.

  9. Wow I can't believe it- its very lovely!
    Great job and take care!

  10. Good find! And the white is just right!

  11. You constantly make me wish I could see how to transform junk into treasure!

  12. White was the PERFECT color for this piece. No other color would have done it justice. LOVE it!

  13. LOVE this! One of my favorite things you've found and made new stylish again. It looks gorgeous against that wall color!

  14. This project is also one of my favorites! Great find and even better job executing the perfect vision for the item!